Between Beatrice Abebe and Mina Okoloko

Late Stella Obasanjo’s in-law returns to social scene

The people we get along with, trust and feel simpatico with are the strongest links in our networks. Ask Beatrice Abebe, the beautiful wife of the late Henry Abebe, she knows. There is no union of hearts that does not meet its end; friends after friends leave each other, but comrades in true spirit stay.

With them, the deep, tightly woven fabric of affection glistens even with wear and the inescapable vicissitudes of companionship and emotional life. This much is exemplified in the enviable friendship between Mina Okoloko and Beatrice. Little wonder you see both of them together like Siamese twins. Few women are wrought like these two beautiful women. They garnish love with meekness and extend sweet, silky hands of affection to their loved ones.

However, life blossoms in the heart and ravishing eyes of Beatrice, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of its own demise, as you read. The widow of the maritime boss, the late Henry Abebe, is really a happy woman, even as you read. It would be recalled that Beatrice ended her intimate romance with fame and recoiled into a shell of solitude, while she grieved over the loss of her husband and soul mate.

It would be recalled that the sister-in-law of the late Nigerian first lady, Stella Obasanjo once reigned supreme among notables in the country’s high society. However, fame began to slip from her grasp like a deflating balloon when her husband died thus whittling down her influence among her peer in the country’s high society. As you read, the resilient socialite is back with her sweet friend in tow.

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