9Mobile Welcomes 2019 with 9nniversary Campaign

  • Set to switch on the future with 9ja

Ugo Aliogo

One the leading telecommunications Companies, 9Mobile, is extending the good feelings of the New Year by kicking off its 10th anniversary, also known as 9nniversary in January with a promise to switch on the future with 9ja.

According to a statement made available to THISDAY by the company, it was noted that exciting times are back for subscribers of 9Mobile who can recall with fond memories the disruptive market launch of the network 10 years ago, “through its “0809ja” campaign that amplified the Nigerian Spirit of Excellence and became a clarion call for young Nigerians.”

The statement also noted that the brand took a pride of place in the already saturated telecoms market through product innovation and bold communication; winning over the love of millions across Nigeria, “it achieved many firsts in the industry.”

The statement further noted that the 0809UChoose put power in the hands of subscribers to choose their numbers.

It added that subscribers would never forget others such as Morecliq; which it noted that it is the first of its kind product in the youth market and GEM – a unique loyalty proposition in the telecommunications industry for high- value customers.

The statement said: “What about MoreBlaze, the revolutionary data bundle that offers the fastest data and the 4GLTE service which does not require a SIM swap for customers to enjoy 4G connectivity; the MIFI offer that comes with up to 30GB free data; the unmatched innovative Smartpaks that allow customers use a single data subscription on up to 5 different applications including WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others, based on lifestyle at affordable rates; while easy payment solutions like 9pay, a mobile wallet allows people to make seamless payments.”

The statement added that despite these achievements, the telecom giant went through some challenges in 2018, adding that the year was somewhat bewildering for subscribers, because they weren’t sure what was going on with their beloved network after the change of ownership.

According to the statement, “But, going by plans unveiled by the new management for the 9nniversary, 9Mobile has promised to recommit to its unrivaled relationship with them.

“No doubt, the dark days are over, the brand’s resilient spirit remain strong and is ready for an exciting future with its customers. With the switch on 9ja campaign, customers will be offered more exciting rewards.

“To set the tone for the mega celebrations, 9Mobile is opening with a trident of highlights, which include a new theme song, a video that gives everyone the chance to be a superstar, and the mother of all consumer promos. From all indications, the 9nniversary is 9Mobile’s way of reminding Nigerians it has always been a pacesetter.

“As an innovative brand that wants to set new trends and reassure Nigerians of continuous provision of quality, the occasion is a veritable opportunity to reassure customers of the brand’s commitment and gratitude for their loyalty. Highly regarded for its ingenuity, 9Mobile has continued to set the pace in technology, groundbreaking products, and excellent customer experience.

“Now, it is promising to enhance its features and network capacity to boost voice and data services, while introducing more novel data offerings to support the customer’s everyday needs.

“With a penchant to deliver on its brand promise, 9Mobile is ready to switch on the future with its customers. So current and new customers should brace themselves for the excitement ahead in this New Year.

“A good year for 9Mobile to show customers that the future is even brighter and they are partners for life in business, lifestyle and amazing experiences. What better way to show it other than switching on more rewards.”

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