Agusto & Co Holds Seminar


Agusto & Co is organisation a forum on the 2019 economic outlook titled: “Nigeria in 2019 – Scenario Planning – Sign Posts.”
The one-day seminar holds in Ikoyi, Lagos on Friday 18th January 2019.

The pan-African rating agency explained that 2019 is full of uncertainties for Nigeria.
Some of the issues to be discussed include: “How much additional crude oil will the shale producers bring to the market? How will OPEC+ respond? Will there be peace in the Niger Delta? How will all these impact crude oil export earnings and federation account revenues?

“Will there be a peaceful transition of power after the 2019 Elections? Who will win and what does the win mean for economic policies in 2019 and beyond? How will these policies impact growth and employment?

“What will be the monetary policy stance and exchange rate policy of the CBN in 2019? Will the CBN continue to peg the naira to the dollar? If yes, can they sustain the peg and how much reserves would the CBN need to burn to sustain the peg? Will the CBN ease monetary policy in 2019?
“Will businesses and households thrive in 2019? How will government spending, external trade & investment and monetary policy impact key industries in Nigeria?

“When there are so many uncertainties the logical thing to do is to build scenarios around these uncertainties.”
Mr. Bode Agusto would lead discussions on the implications of each scenario on the key prices, growth and employment, key industries and the markets in 2019