GText Homes Unveils N10B Project, Commemorates 10th Anniversary

GText Home, dinner and carol group Photograph ceremony

GText Home, dinner and carol group Photograph ceremony

…To provide for low income earners

Ayodeji Ake

With the aim of ensuring sufficient housing for Nigerians at a very low cost, GText Homes unveiled new N10 billion low cost housing project, which it said includes package for low income earners.

At the end of the year Dinner and Carol program organised in commemoration of GText Homes 10th anniversary, held in Lagos recently, the Chief Executive Officer, GText, Stephen Akintayo, predicted that the project will increase number of house ownership in Nigeria.

“Part of our plan is to kick start a working idea of having 200 housing estates in each of our estates. At the moment, we have about five estates- four in Lagos and one in Abuja.

“We want to have 200 housing estates so that we will be able to provide shelter for people who do not have house of their own and that’s our major priority for 2019. The 200 housing estates will be low cost housing affording to low income classes” he said.

As a mentor and a motivational speaker, Akintayo harped on commitment and hardworking as the key to success.
“There is nothing to be ashamed of as young man or woman hustling because there is dignity in labour. I have sold popcorn and today I am not there anymore, which shows there is dignity in labour.

“I am glad we have raiser a lot of people. For me, its another way to say thank you to those we have raised and those that have identified with our brands.

“Years ago, I look at the mirror and feel I’m not handsome and today, I’m happy I’m one of the handsome men in the world. Once you are consistent, you will go far.

It took people like Dangote and Oyedepo 16 years to reach the exponential growth. By 2019, we will reach exponential growth. Young people need to understand that time and season is very important to growth. We need to know that things take time. I want to tell nugetiams that not all that glitters are gold” he said.

Lending his voice to the forthcoming general election activities, he urged Nigerian youths to get involved in politics.

He said: “It will appear that by accident the youths will get to that position and if we are not prepared for it, there will be problem. I see those who will turn the nation around but we must get involve.

“We want to ensure that through the real estate, we will make people have better life. I want to encourage the youths to become a technocrats.”

Speaking about the event, General Manager GText Homes, Mr. Ademola Okunuga noted the idea behind this event was to give thanks to God and to appreciate all their clients.

“This is our 10th anniversary , although we did the thanksgiving early this year but this is just like a get-together in the mood celebration” he said.

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