Great Expectations for Winning Edge Conference


Mary Nnah

Renowned marriage counsellor and female preacher, Rev Funke Felix-Adejumo is filled with great expectation for her forthcoming annual winning edge conference that gathers thousands of women across the globe.

Billed to hold from January 12 to 13 at the Tafewa Balewa Square in Lagos, Felix-Adejumo said this year’s edition promises to be bigger and better and would also be different from any other one held previously.

Speaking recently to announce the forthcoming event, which seems to be one of the largest gathering of women in Nigeria, she said, “The Bible makes it clear that God’s intention about us and everything that carries His signature must get better and better. It is the Lord’s doing that each year more and more women are drawn to attend the conference.

“We strive by the grace of God to offer more than spiritual impartation. For example, we offer a ‘shop for free service for widows’. Here, widows shop clothes, shoes and food at no cost. Last year, we had MTN partner us by providing generators and solar lamps towards this. Every year we try to meet more needs, and God has been faithful.”

This year, apart from the returning speakers: Bishop Felix ‘Remi Adejumo (Nigeria); Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo (England); Mrs Jumoke Adenowo (Nigeria); Pastor Tumise Ewedemi (United Kingdom); Pastor Rose Shaboka (Tanzania) and evergreen music ministers like Ebenezer Obey, Nathaniel Bassey and Tope Alabi, Winning Edge 2019, she revealed, will feature new speakers sharing their personal journeys of faith and testimonies inspiring ladies to aspire some more, dare some more and increase their circle of influence.

“For the first time we will be hosting Pastor Poju Oyemade, Dr. Cindy Trimm, Pastor Bola Godman-Akinlabi, Mrs. Nkechi Harry-Ngonadi, Pastor Laurie Idahosa and music ministers: Tim Godfrey, Midnight Crew and a host of others”, she added.

The female preacher, who gathers thousands of women every year, expressed her desire for the women during this year’s edition of the winning edge conference.

“What I would love to change among women would be their mentality, their self- esteem, their perception of life and their self-development. A woman is not inferior in any way to the man No! No! No!”

“The African woman in particular is faced with so many challenges: geographical, cultural, financial, historical, religious, social, personal and ethnic, etc. Over the years, the woman was only ‘seen’ and not heard’. Things are changing but not at the expected pace.

“Every woman deserves honour. Every woman deserves dignity. No woman deserves to be abused or maltreated no matter the situation. No woman should stay in an abusive relationship.

“The covenant of life is superior to the covenant of marriage. You need to stay alive to be marriageable”, she noted.
Encouraging women to have more confident in themselves, she said, “As a woman you must believe in yourself. Like yourself. Love yourself. Invest into yourself. The totality of a 21st century woman’s financial life should not depend on her husband.

“No matter how little, a woman should add value to her family life. Financial dependency is one major reason why many women stay in abusive relationships; it’s not the best way to live.”

The relationship expert gave credit to her husband for being very supportive over the years, adding, “I am blessed to be happily married to a most secure man- Prince Felix Adérêmí Ishola Adejumo.

“I call him ‘my Oasis of Calm’. He is my number one Mentor. After my Lord Jesus Christ, my husband is my ‘Safe Haven’. He has mentored me over the years to give myself peace of mind and never to compete with anyone but myself.
“My husband is quiet on the surface but solid with a capital ‘s’ on his inside… my oh my… He is a rare specie! My entire life got on a meaningful direction when God blessed me with this gem of a man.”

Sill speaking abut her supportive husband, she said, “He regularly tells me things like: “Darling, I believe in you, don’t die under my shadow”; “I made up my mind a long time ago never to oppress you.

“I am more than an African husband; I’m a Bible-husband. What you cannot get today you will get tomorrow, don’t worry yourself to death.”

Felix-Adejumo who stressed that a woman is affected by what she hears, said, “I have been privileged to hear positive words from my husband and those words have helped in making me the person I have become today by God’s Grace. I am eternally grateful to the Lord for the honour of being Mrs. Felix-Adejumo.”

The preacher who has published 88 books with some translated to French language, said her next book titled: My head is fit for a crown, will be launched during the Winning Edge 2019.