Ok, I stumbled on the Shagari funeral procession on AIT the other day. They showed his body being carried into a funny looking hearse, by caretakers and some people all in babaringa with no escort. They bundled his body with no respect for the office he held like they were carrying a hit-and-run victim. Covered it in one kind of white cloth and shoved it into the van. Kai, cry catch me. As the hearse made to leave, the thing enter go slow.

So they had to wait for the road to clear before they continued their journey. I just switch off the TV. Even if they do us as a country, we cannot get sense?
Can you compare this with the burial America gave George Bush recently? The way they handled the thing, death even hungry me. The respect, the organization, the tradition everything just made the whole world proud of the person that was George Bush and the way America treats its heroes. Here we just throw the corpse into the ground like something we pick on the road. No Armed forces, no state burial, no national anthem, no guard of honour. Traffic continue and we bury am and just continue with life.

Even Awolowo who was not a President got a better burial. What am I even saying Awolowo? Fela got a far better burial than the first and only President of the second republic. There are really tears in the land. This is not the Nigeria they promised me when I was born o. Otherwise, I would not have come o. Please can someone do something about this Shagari matter plsssssssssssss.