Shoppers Express Delight at Ecobank Discount Promo


Customers who have benefitted from the Ecobank special end-of-year discount promo have appreciated the bank for putting up the initiative this season.

As announced by the bank, the discount offering was designed for merchant and shoppers who use the Ecobankpay option to accept and make payment for goods and services during the yuletide.  

The Ecobankpay is a convenient digital QR code that enables payments using the mobile phone, without the need for a plastic card.

That the payment option is compatible with either MasterPass, MVisa and Mcash platforms, avail customers privilege to carry out transactions across the three platforms regardless of their bank card.

At the launch of the promo, Head of Commercial Banking at Ecobank, Rotimi Morohunfola, explained that customers on the platform are only privileged to access the promo in select shops in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Aba, where the QR code is on display.

Giving a further explanation on the offering, he said “If the person that wishes to buy goods from you is coming from a bank that has MVisa and wishes to pay, the same QRcode would accept an MVisa payment and vice versa.

“That creates interoperability and convenience for the merchants and as you know, the QRcode is much cheaper than having a point of sale (PoS),” he stated.

He added that the option also takes away the the cost of setting up for the merchant who can simply print out a  QR code on a paper and stick it anywhere without any risks involved.

“It is convenient and the mobile app allows you the ubiquity, it allows you 24/7 access, it is affordable and for every Nigeria. When you are a merchant and we onboard you on EcobankPay, you will automatically have a QR code that accepts all the three payment platforms – MasterPass, MVisa and Mcash.”

The promo, coming at a time when shopping is most heavy makes it more relevant and  has been greeted with positive feedback by enthusiasts.

The bank has urged more customers to take advantage of the offering available in identified locations as it is billed to collapse by end of January, 2019.