Report Calls for Increased AI Adoption among African Countries


With the right mix of policies, Africa and its citizens can reap the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) transformations in the years to come.

This was according to the findings of a new AI in Africa white paper released by Microsoft.
With AI set to be the most disruptive technology in human existence, and an immense opportunity for Africa, Microsoft saw the need to further understand AI and its implications for Africa specifically.

As a result, Microsoft saw fit to commission a future-facing white paper entitled, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Africa: An Opportunity for Growth, Development, and Democratization, which was recently released during Science Forum South Africa 2018 in December.

The AI in Africa white paper would be presented to South African government delegates at a separate event in March 2019 that will be dedicated to addressing AI policy advancements.

Compiled by Access Partnership in conjunction with the University of Pretoria, the white paper takes a deep dive into how AI can, and will, change the way we live and work across the continent, but with a strong focus on Sub-Saharan Africa.

Analysing the report, Corporate Affairs Manager at Microsoft Middle East and Africa, Ahmed El Essawi, said: “AI has the potential to solve some of the most pressing challenges that impact Africa. By enabling intelligent automation of the workforce, augmenting both human and physical capital, and driving innovation, AI is set to unlock huge potential across the continent. If governments can successfully navigate the challenges, AI can be a driver of growth, development, and democratisation in core sectors like healthcare, agriculture and public sector applications like financial services and education.”