Buhari’s Reelection Campaign Will Be Based on Facts, Issues, Says Group

Muhammadu Buhari

Buhari Online, a group in support of President Muhammadu Buhari’s reelection, has said that its activities would be driven by facts.and issues.

In a statement by the National Coordinator of the group, Prince Olanrewaju Ettu, Buhari Online implored all its members and supporters of the President to refrain from the use of vulgar words despite the lies and slander from those it described as wailers.

The statement read: “In the face of lies and slander, PMB and the Buharist movement have remained unruffled and continue the election campaign with decorum and utmost responsibility.

“I implore our followers to refrain from campaign of calumny and vulgar that has become the hallmark of wailers and be mature and civil throughout the electioneering process.

“Our activities will be driven by issues and facts. The APC government has not arrogated perfection to its self, rather it has craved understanding of Nigerians by telling them what needs to be done, what it has done and how it has achieved the modest feat, notwithstanding challenges and limiting factors (both historic of PDP misrule and systemic of mines placed on its way by agents of evil in human skin).

“PMB has told Nigerians of his plan to free Nigeria from jaw of vampires who fed on it for decades and return our patrimony to the hands of Nigerians.

The group however expressed profound gratitude to its teaming followers, members and Nigerians in general “for their unflinching support for and belief in President Muhammadu Buhari.”