Class Act! Access Bank MD, Herbert Wigwe Dazzles with Diamond

Herbert Wigwe

Genius is of no country. But it is surely of a descent of men who reach such an acute unlimited excellence in their prime, that every sterling exploit afterward, savours of unprecedented brilliance. Few men are wrought of such transcendent capacity for genius as Herbert Wigwe, the ebullient MD of Access bank. The top banker pulsates exceptional intellect and that singular forthrightness that imbues philosophy with logic and sound theory. Like a lightning shaft from Eden, Wigwe dazzled with the acquisition of Diamond Bank some days ago.

Herbert has said its ongoing business combination agreement with Diamond Bank will lead to the creation of a financial power house. Wigwe also assured staff of Diamond Bank that the deal would not lead to job losses. He said this during a media briefing in Lagos on Wednesday. Wigwe said Access Bank had enough capital to consummate the deal. However, Aig and Herbert proved bookmakers wrong as they painstakingly forged Access Bank’s path to its esteemed height as one of the country’s top three banks today. When Aig quit the saddle as manager of the bank, it was believed that his successor, Herbert, would act according to stereotype and commence a vicious plot to reduce and make irrelevant, his friend and predecessor but Herbert didn’t do so.

This is because the bond between the two exceeds the common affiliation of colleagues and random business partners. Herbert remained loyal to Aig and together, they worked to improve the fortunes of their brainchild, Access Bank. And great thanks to the loyalty and vision of Herbert, the bank has grown remarkable leaps from the great height he inherited its saddle from Aig.

Unlike other bank chiefs who do not have a mind of their own, Herbert is remarkably different. He is formidable in intellect, wisdom, experience and he is truly independent. Thus he stands tall.
Little wonder the management and staff of the bank sing his praises to high heavens. Aig on his part has never grown jealous of Herbert’s success in the saddle. Rather he does his bit to encourage and assist him in running Access Bank and lifting it to greater heights.