Bumper Christmas for BIC Shaver Loyalists

BIC Country Business Development Manager, Adeyemi Ojo; Business Development Manager, BIC West Africa and Central Africa, Mr. Groues Guillaume; Product Manager, Shavers and Lighters, BIC West Africa, Bigue Diouf and DGM Commercial NIPEN, Adedamola Adelabu during grand finale draws for the BIC Shaver “Shave and Win” Promo held in Lagos recently

Mary Nnah

It’s sure going to be a bumper Christmas for the regular users of the BIC Shaver brand as many of the lucky winners in the just concluded promo smiled home with bountiful prizes.
The prizes were won during the grand finale of the raffle draw for BIC Shaver “Shave and Win” Promo held last weekend in Lagos.

Being the second and the last draw for the year, many winners have emerged so far. A lot of people won instant airtime, while many others won great prizes through a previous raffle draw and the grand finale held recently.

Prizes won included washing machine, home theatres, bedside fridge, table top gas cooker, mobile phones, Plasma TVs, generator set and cash prizes ranging from N250,000 to N1million.

Product Manager for Lighter and Shaver, BIC West Africa, Ms Bigue Diouf, who came all the way from Dakar, Senegal, to attend the grand draw of the BIC Shaver national consumer poromotion in Nigeria, said, “It is a very big event for us at BIC”.

She explained that the aim was to reward loyal customers, noting, “BIC Shaver is a leading disposable shaver in West Africa and we have a huge amount of consumers everywhere in West Africa.

So it is important for us to reward the royal customers by doing this kind of promotion that would enable them to win great prizes and also to give opportunity for non-user to try it for the first time.

“So, the promo is nationwide and the team has visited every region in Nigeria giving the consumers the opportunity to participate in this promo.”

Expressing gratitude to the numerous BIC Shaver consumers for their loyalty, Diouf noted that it is because of them that the BIC Shaver brand has remained in the leading position in Nigeria all along.

“BIC Shaver is easy to find in all neighbourhoods in Nigeria and elsewhere in West Africa and it remains the best value added product, so we can guarantee the quality of our BIC Shavers.

“So, because we are very serious in investing a lot of time and efforts to test the quality of our products and that is why we have a lot of consumers in West Africa”, she said.

She revealed further that the BIC Shaver promo has had a great impact on the sale of the product during the promo, noting however that, “as a product manager, I am much more concerned about the long term impact in terms of brand equity.

“So, for me, it is more important to access the impact in terms of adoption by consumers. We want to be closer to consumer to increase affinity with them”.

Business Development Manager, BIC West Africa and Central Africa, Mr. Groues Guillaume, said Nigeria is the company’s biggest market in the region, revealing that the company has been distributing BIC lighter and shavers in Nigeria for the past 50 years out of the 70 years that the company has been in existence.

Guillaume who came all the way from Dakar, Senegal to attend the event said, “It is a honour for me to be here to witness the reward for our loyal consumers and to meet with some of them.

“BIC as a group is focusing on Africa and we have very strong brand equity in Nigeria but we need to ensure that the quality always stays the best.
“BIC stands for quality product but good value for money, so you can buy a good product at an affordable price everywhere for everyone.

“That is really our vison and we want to ensure that we give best products to Nigerians and of course the whole of Africa.”

Deputy General Manager Commercial, NIPEN, partners to BIC, Adedamola Adelabu said the sales in Nigeria has been quite interesting.

“Within the year that we are reviewing, despite the challenges with the economy, around the liquidity with our partners and the consumers’ disposable and discretionary income that is quite under pressure, we have been able to weather the storm”, he noted, adding that the promo goes beyond the brand to the experience that people have by using the number one shaver brand in Nigeria.

BIC Country Business Development Manager, Nigeria, Adeyemi Ojo, explained why the focus has been on one of the company’s products, BIC Shaver.

“The BIC Shaver is one of our biggest and most important brands and so we felt we should reward our loyal customers and also to say thank you, especially now that Christmas is coming. We wanted to put smiles on their faces”, Ojo noted.

Mr. David Isabemoi, National Sales Manager, CFAO/NIPEN, the company in charge of the redistribution of BIC products in Nigeria, said the promo has been exciting, being a way to reward loyal consumers.

“Over the period of time, we have given them the opportunity to consumers to win something and the promo has been on for three months and would be ending this December. And whenever there is a promotion, people are excited to participate. They see it as a benefit for using the product”, he noted.