Buhari Not Interested in Peace, Working to Compromise Election, Ezekwesili Alleges

oby ezekwesili

Presidential candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili, has expressed doubt over the willingness of President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure peace in the 2019 elections.

She said this during a meeting with the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI), which are fielding a Joint International Elections Observer Mission.

The IRI and NDI high-level delegates have been in Nigeria between December 14 and 20, 2018, to meet with key stakeholders on the electoral process and assess the pre-election environment.

The delegation is led by former Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs, Linda Thomas-Greenfield; Executive Vice President for the Middle East and Africa of Grainster LLC, Lewis Lucke; Regional Director for Africa at IRI, John Tomaszewski, and Kenya Resident Country Director at NDI, Dickson Omondi.

The delegation met with the ACPN presidential candidate in Abuja before meeting with President Buhari.

Ezekwesili assured the delegation of promoting peace before and after the election.

She asked the delegation to caution the president against compromising the standard of t“My entry into the presidential race is to win and provide the long elusive good governance to Nigerians so that our country and its people will prosper, become stable and live in harmony,” Ezekwesili said.

According to her, “I have raised the bar in making 2019 an issue/value-based campaign and forced the dominant parties to start focusing on same. My candidacy is mobilising the citizens into a movement of enlightened voters who can make informed choices in the elections. My candidacy is creating a political disruption of the old extant order of a political class who have always seen politics as a means to personal wealth instead of service to the country and people.

“With my foray in politics, a new order of politicians and politically conscious citizens are emerging on the scene. Young people and women are the segment of the voting population that are most excited about my candidacy and are volunteering and donating to our campaign.

“As a well-known protagonist for peace, I have signed the peace accord.

I did not attend the original event due to failure of communication, but went over to the secretariat to immediately sign the accord the next day when the peace committee reached out to me with apologies and accepted its failure to duly communicate the event to me for attendance.”

She added: “The delegation and the international community should join the Nigerian people to prevail on President Buhari to practice the peace accord with exemplary actions in order to build confidence in the process.

“The most crucial thing the President must do to build the confidence of all contestants and the Nigerian people is to sign the Electoral Amendment Bill 2018 into law. Should he fail to do so, we must encourage the National Assembly to override the president and enact the bill to an Act.”

Ezekwesili warned that the use of security officers to compromise the election may lead to danger in the country.

The former Education Minister added: “The President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Offices must take due cognisance and avert the danger that the military and police establishments have become to our democracy as was evident in the Osun and Ekiti States elections.

“The security forces must be pulled out of the co-opted involvement in our elections which disenfranchised many voters in the gubernatorial elections in those states

“Nigerians want a new direction and the president must avoid actions that suggest he wishes to suppress the aspiration of the people in the 2019 elections. Any action of the president that aims at giving him an advantage in the February elections amounts to political corruption since he is using his political power for personal gain as a candidate.”

On the challenges she is facing as a female presidential candidate, she

Said: “It is mixed. Some are still resistant to the idea of female political leadership. However, many more Nigerians are calling for a gender-neutral election of anyone who can solve the complex problems that matter to them. They say things like ‘we know Ezekwesili’s track

record when she was in government and we trust her to govern the country well. It does not matter that she is a woman. What matters is that she will get the job done’.

“Campaign finance is a major constraint for all female contestants who lack the deep pockets that their male opponents have built up in diverse manners. My campaign has innovated ways to achieve more with less. We have also maximised the use of volunteers to achieve more than our wealthy opponents.”

On his part, the NDI/IRI head of delegation,

Thomas-Greenfield, said the visit was to ensure a free and fair election in Nigeria.

“The delegation would like to gauge the thoughts of contestants and their level of preparation for the upcoming elections in 2019 because your insights will be most useful for the delegates’ understanding of the political environment in Nigeria ahead of the 2019 general election.

“The delegation will make public statements and submit recommendations to the government in the course and at the end of their visit,” he was quoted as saying in a statement yesterday.