WiSolar Inverters Offer Power Solutions


Homes and business in Nigeria can now take advantage of new cutting edge power solutions being provided by WiSolar, a Nigerian renewable energy company with South African roots. According to a statement by the company, its new range of smart inverters and Solar electricity remote monitoring devices are designed for B2C, B2B, and B2G applications.

The inverters, with built-in charge regulators, allow Lease-to-Own arrangements for end-users is a way that de-risks the solar electricity ecosystem and mitigates entry costs, according to Managing Director, WiSolar, Tonye Irims.

He added: “Our monitoring devices are WiFi and GPRS enabled with remote shut-off and will monitor the system at least for the payment term.

“Once the agreed payment term is complete, the end-user may optionally decide to subscribe to the remote monitoring service for maintenance only.”

He noted that the smart inverter software dashboard can monitor power generation, usage consumption, energy analysis and a facilitate remote shutdown via GPRS and GSM networks

He said that company already has a service centre in Lagos for firmware upgrades, repair, maintenance, and replacement of smart solar inverters.

The company he said was also recruiting national distribution partners nationwide so it can focus on manufacturing, marketing, and technical support.