World Bank’s $495m Irrigation Funds Will Improve Nigeria’s Economy, Says FG

Udora Orizu in Abuja

The Federal Ministry of Water Resources has revealed the economic values of the $495 million credit facility the World Bank gave in support of the Transforming Irrigation Management in Nigeria Project (TRIMING).

A document obtained by THISDAY from the ministry showed that the funds would help in the ongoing National Irritation Development Programme initiated to aid diversification of the economy, guarantee food security and
Minister of Water Resources, Mr. Suleiman Adamu, stated that the project involved rehabilitation/expansion of about 42,000 hectares of irrigation land under the first phase, to be completed by 2022.

“The World Bank is supporting the implementation of the Transforming Irrigation Management in Nigeria Project (TRIMING) with a credit facility of US$495m. The first phase to be completed by 2022, are as follows: Bokolori Irrigation Project 13,500Ha, Kano River Irrigation Project 14,200, Hadejia Valley Irrigation Project 6,000 Ha, Dadiwa Kowa Irrigation Project 3,000Ha and Middle Rima Irrigation Project 5,000 Ha.”

He added that an additional 100,000Ha of irrigated farmland would be established by 2020, another 500,000Ha by 2030.
“We also plan for additional 1,000,000Ha of irrigable land to be developed by the private sector and state governments within the same period. Our recent efforts will enable us to deliver 42,000Ha in 2018 and 41,000Ha in 2019.”

Adamu noted that the utilisation of the fund would help his ministry in rehabilitating and expanding irrigation projects.
He stressed that the challenges farmers had to tackle during the dry season farming period would have been addressed with the creation of more irrigable lands, adding that the TRIMING project also addresses rural poverty reduction through progressive management transfer to users regulated bodies in the form of water user associations (WUAs).

While enumerating his achievements in office, The minister said that in pursuant of the roadmap, the National Water Resources Bill which is still receiving attention in the National Assembly, when passed into law will provide for effective catchment management, greater participation of farmers in irrigation management and regulatory framework for private sector participation in water supply delivery in the country.

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