Lilian Afegbai, Tolu Bally, Efe Tommy Grace ‘Chef Phummyndeps Cooking Experience’


It was an evening of warm music and delicious delicacy from the kitchen of Chef Phummyndeps as she treats her guests to her special recipes in her private home in Lekki. She had several lineups of amazing meals for her guests, who were a wide array of celebrities, family and friends. Starters, Main Courses, Deserts and more were served with variances from Pasta, Prawn, Ofada Rice, Amala, different taste of stew and sauce and a lot more. Funmi Adesoji, head chef at Phummyndeps was born in Lagos and attended primary and secondary school in Lagos before moving to England to study at the University of Luton.

According to Funmi, culinary is an art that comes naturally to creative-minded chefs. “I’m a lover of colours, cuts, excellence and I hate boring; hence my style of plating. I would cook noodles as a child and add my own extra plating skills to make it more appealing. Plating is not something I plan – I just cook and envision how I want it to look on the plate and I go for it. Cooking is a beautiful thing; food is life and should be treated as such.” Funmi intends to tell the story of Nigerian food throughout Africa and eventually the world, one step at a time.