Gerard Bertrand Holds Wine Tasting In Lagos


Ayodeji Ake

It was a gathering of wine loving individuals from Nigeria and abroad who attended the wine tasting event organised by Gerard Bertrand Company, producers of wines of expression of the South of France.

According to Bertrand, Gerard Bertrand wines reflect the diversity, richness and high-quality innovation level of the company for all consumers through a range of wines based on the experience of emotion – the talent of terroirs, culture of flavours and guaranteed pleasure.

He noted that the culture of the vine in harmony with nature is the best way to reveal the specificity of a terroir and create great wines.

“My passion is to produce the best wine from the South of France. I like to take my wines all around the world and today, Gerard Bertrand wine exist in over 162 countries. And we are here for the first time in Nigeria and I feel it’s important to promote the best food and wine drink.

“It’s important for me to be involved in organic and bio dynamic farming because I don’t want to use any chemical to produce other than the natural. I have always protested for natural drinks and I can boast of it that Gerard Bertrand wines.

“Because when you use natural, you have a better balance acidity and freshness and off course it’s important to use the natural to produce the best wines”, he noted.

When asked of the benefits of his wines, he said “one of the benefits of my wines is freshness. From the taste you can easily detect it’s fresh because of its natural production processes. We need to take care of nature for the next generation and delve more into bio diversity.

“We have already our distributors to ensure our wines are available for consumption and to preach to people about the taste profile.

“We chose Nigeria because it’s one of the exciting markets in Africa and because the potential of consumership is very big, Nigerians likes do drink wine, it simply because we want to be everywhere in the world to share our wine experience from the South of France”.

Gerard Betrand reiterated that his wines are good for Nigerians healthy life style.
“The market is going up and people are drinking a lot of premium wines and the market is changing. Today, we have about 20 wines across of the market.

“I expect to sell more wine in good places but I can assure you that South of France wines are good for Nigerians. I’m impressed from the lifestyle of Nigerians from the potential of the country and the will of people to enjoy life. This is one a way of promoting South if France to the world and we want Nigeria and to enjoy our wines” he said.

Gerard Bertrand created exceptional wines on each of his estates, made from vineyards, which were chosen amongst the most beautiful Languedoc terroirs.

According to Bertrand, innovation is a keyword for the Gerard Bertrand group, portrayed today by several projects; the production of quality wines, organic and biodynamically grown for all consumers.

“Innovation also applies in our beautiful bottle designs, such as the Cote des Roses range, which combines the creativity of high-level designed packaging with content excellence” he added.