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Monday letter2

Alhaji Lado Sulejawho represents Suleja Constituency in the House of Representatives, is without doubt a politician with pedigree.

Being privileged to be in his campaign team on the day I visited his Constituency Office recentlyIwitnessed firsthand how people poured encomiums on him to no endevidence of his sterlingservice to the people. He soon quietly receded to his private office. But despite the mammothcrowd, I was astonished that no security operatives were around himHe later waddled through the same crowd to observe his prayers despite his very busy schedule.

It was a lesson for me that whatever we do in life, we must endeavour to put God first. But it was a testimony to the fact that Hon Suleja is a true Muslim whose faith in Allah is unshakeable. In my view, he set himself apart as a man who would not allow his job block the path to his creator.

Alhaji Suleja has impacted on his constituency in no small measure. In the area of education, he gave free exercise books, mathematical sets, uniform and sandals to pupils in the public schools in Suleja Local Government and its environs.

In the provision of basic infrastructure, the unanimous view is that he has surpassed expectations of the people. Little wonder, he has earned the nickname Mutum mai Jama’a or Man of themasses. He has provided boreholes, street lightspotable water, as well as giving cash donation to widowsamong other peopleoriented programmes. He empowered youth in the constituency with the donation of tricycles, bicycles and other valuable materials that could guarantee theirfinancial independence.

In the area of advocacy, he tried his best to organise series of seminars for the youthaimed at encouraging them to shun violence and embrace peace, having made them understand that onlyin the environment of peace and harmony would there be meaningful development.

Hon Suleja is widely believed to have worked himself to easy re-election in the 2019 election and I have no doubt he would sail through any opposition in the constituency to continue his giant strides. There popular saying, one good term deserves anothersuits the man of the masses.

  Anjorin Adeolu Joseph, Abuja

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