DEVELOP  Lauches Innovative Printing Solutions

A new brand of printer, DEVELOP, has entered the Nigerian Information Communication Technology (ICT) market, with innovative solutions.

 Launching with ‘Ineo +227’ and ‘Ineo +258’ multifunction color copier and printers, DEVELOP was introduced to the market by Skysat Technologies, a partner of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe Gmbh. 

Speaking at the product launch witnessed by its dealers across the country, Managing Director of Skysat Technologies, Izzat Debs said that the new product stood for modern and professional office communication solutions.

“We are trendsetters and are making a confident and creative contribution towards shaping the future. Our understanding of advice far exceeds mere analyses and recommendations, we assess, design and guide. “Increasing  productivity in our customers’ environment is our primary objective. DEVELOP multifunction copiers available in Nigeria include B&W and color multifunction copier and printers, with a full range of software solutions adapted to the needs of the market. We also have Ineo 185 and 226 copiers.

 Senior Executive, Indirect Sales, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe Gmbh, David Nuttall, explained further that the solutions boasts incredible features beyond ordinary printing that would enable users charge for extra  services and make  more money.

“Beyond printing, our printing  also allow for  document management solutions, archiving, print management and mobile printing, amongst others,” he said.

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