‘Audu”s Political Family is Intact in Kogi’

Muhammed Audu

Muhammed Audu

Muhammed Audu, son of the late Governor of Kogi State,  Prince Abubakar Audu tells Yekini Jimoh on  the third anniversary of his father’s demise how his followers plan to continue his legacy

How has it been after the death of your father?

I thank the people for keeping fate with t

my late father .

This is the thirrd year and everytime we come for remembrance it looks as if he died yesterday.

We are still in big shock but we are consoled that everybody is united in the their feeling towards him.

After his death when i saw the challenges before me, I knew there was another level of success which he was striving towards achieving.

It has been very tough and very difficult. He was a very successful man and I can assure you that to step into his shoes is not a small challenge because he had different aspects of his life that he excelled in tremendously.

How would you describe your late father?

He was a very successful politician, administrator, successful father, a very successful community man. He was a statesman as well.

Nationally people adored him. In the state people miss him. In the family having come to the realisation that he had gone finally and that is because of the way he affected the daily lives of everybody.

Now a lot of people look up to me to fill up those responsibilities. I can tell you I will try my best but it is not a day’s job, it is not an easy task. I used to think that all that thing he was dancing with was a big thing. I have realised that he was carrying a lot of load beyond what anyone can just think of.

What was even more outstanding about it was that he succeeded and excelled very well. For his people and his followers in Kogi State I am sure there is light at the end of the tunnel, they will see better days and grace at the end of the day.

How do you intend to manage his political dynasty? 

Audu’s political family is still very intact in the state and soon Audu’s political family will come together fused into a massive political movement for the  the sake of delivering the people from the squalor that they are facing presently.

During 2014 campaign, my late father promised to provide good roads,  hospitals,  education and other social amenities but unfortunately he was not alive to consolidate on his promises after winning the election.

My late father was going to make sure that the common man does not walk to the stream to get water anymore, local farmers do not bend on the farm the whole day without proper farming instruments.

Today, we are still praying for it and I understand but I also want you to understand that the days ahead, the weeks ahead in Kogi State, are not going to be easy because change is only brought about by sincerity and purpose.

What advise do you have for your supporters?

I want to use this medium to appeal to you people of Kogi State  that we are are not unaware of the predicaments and that we are also not unaware of the opportunities.

We will in future call all Audu political family and reroute them into a massive political movement for the  the sake of delivering you people from the squalor that you suffer right now.

We have seen that when we were campaigning in 2014 we said we were going to give you roads, hospitals. Late Audu said all these by himself.

He said he was going to open more schools, more opportunities.

You must have a purpose. Do not come here and just eulogise my late father and go away. Practice what he preached, do as he said.

Every single person is a potential governor of the state, senator, house representative member. Let us think that we have equal opportunities.

The Audu political family we stand for will correct these odds I assure you. We understand the problems and we will rectify them.

Last year, we took the gathering to Abuja, this was deliberate because his friends at the national level sent me a message that it is not fair for us to celebrate Adoja only in Kogi State his home that Adoja was a national icon and so the event must also be brought to Abuja that is why we decided that we would hold it one year in Abuja and the next year in Kogi, so that the people at the national level will not forget Adoja and his people will not forget him too.

Can you lead us into your political projection for 2019?

I think it is too early for anyone to make any political pronouncement on 2019 especially as it relates to Kogi State.

Right now we have been able to ascertain candidates for various political parties for the positions of the National Assembly and for the State House of Assembly.

The executive position of Kogi State is not yet up for grabs we are all focusing on what is ahead of us right now to see that we deliver in our best interest.

I can assure you that the biggest political group in Kogi State without question is the Audu political family and it is still alive.

We have simmered down so that we don’t look like opposition within opposition in one party we have decided to work with the government to ensure good governance so that our people can get roads, hospitals, good education and things like that.

Now that it is time to play politics people will begin to discuss their interests. So for sure the Audu political family is the biggest political organisation.

If you look in PDP they are there, if you look in APC, ADC, SDP they are there but at the right time we will call everybody together for the sake of the state.

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