ITB Nigeria Set to Complete Kuramo Beach Residence

Kuramo Beach Residence is a new residential project located at Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. This Architectural master piece is set for completion by ITB Nigeria Ltd., an innovative engineering and construction company in Nigeria.

Alternatively called Total Residence Development, the property is a residential twin tower building, sitting on a total land area of 40,000sqm, it includes 143 residential apartments, a clubhouse, two podium-parking levels as well as recreational sport facilities. The project was awarded to ITB in August 2015 and the firm is set to complete it according to plan.

The contemporary Kuramo Beach residence which stands at about 89m high promises a new development with larger unit numbers and state of the art amenities that cater for millennials, and individuals with a taste for luxury. The building is constructed from carefully chosen materials and with strict adherence to quality and safety standards. It comes with power efficient HVAC system, highly controlled sewage plant for effective environmental management, standard compliant fire integrity system, efficient and standard water supply and distribution facilities and state of the art architectural design guided by a world class Quality management system.

According to ITB, the Kuramo Beach project will help to bridge the gap in the housing ecosystem by providing more residential options for citizens and thus reducing the housing deficit in Lagos.

Commenting on the project, Mr. Abbas Haidar, the project manager said, “We have committed a lot of time, resources, expertise, digitalized equipment and utmost competence to ensure the successful completion of this project and we cannot wait to unveil this masterpiece. This is no doubt one of the best high-rise residential buildings in Lagos state. Not only will this futuristic building provide utmost comfort for its owners, it will also successfully answer the demand for more accommodation for Lagos amid the growing population.”

ITB Nigeria Ltd, are the leaders in integrated engineering and construction solutions. Recognizing the huge role technology can play in the growth of Nigerian construction industry, the firm recently called for the digitization of the construction industry. The firm continues to find ways to positively contribute to the construction industry, through its innovations, engineering expertise, use of technology and quality standards.

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