SON Sensitises Artisans on Break System, Lubricants


Jonathan Eze
The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has started sensitising auto mechanics, spare parts sellers on the need for quality lubricants, car disc break to prevent accidents.
The Director General of SON, Osita Aboloma, said the initiative was part of efforts to bridge gap in information dissemination and create standards to all.

The sensitisation programme was carried out around the Aswani Mechanic Village and its environs.
According to Aboloma, with the yuletide period, comes the get quick rich syndrome where people would peddle all sorts of products in the market for great financial reward, hence the need to sensitise and enlighten everyone on the need to be vigilant and not fall prey to patronising substandard materials He said the intention was to expand the knowledge of everyone on the hazards of purchasing and selling substandard products.

He added: “The aim of the sensitisation programme is to simplify the SON mandate and make its presence is felt at the grass root level.”

He explained that SON as a forward thinking organisation felt the need to enlighten all on processes and its mark of authenticity especially on how to identify substandard lubricants and other products that are used by them on a daily basis”.

Represented by the State Coordinator, Lagos Office, Oby Egbuciem, she told THISDAY that the programme was carried out to improve and measure accuracy and circulation of information relating to standards, hence, the decision to visit the market and explain to the mechanics in local parlance and pictorial illustration what standards are, SON mandates, the different departments and the functions they carry out.

The event had presentations on the different kinds of Lubricants (minerals or synthetic), when they should be used, and also explained the process by which lubricants are applied to reduce wear and tear in engine bearings.

Mr. Arhagba Ogaga, who moderated the segment gave a thorough explanation on all quality parameters, on the dangers of using base oil in place of the appropriate lubricants and advised on how and which lubricants to use at any given time.

Aboloma said the mechanics needed insights on vehicle braking system, the different parts of a brake, how it works, types of break fluids ( DOT 3, 4,5,5.1 etc) and how to choose the appropriate brake fluids for the different type of vehicle.

The electrical system of vehicles was also explained by Idafe Kogba who said that a car’s electrical system consists of the battery, starter and alternator. “The battery provides juice to the starter. Then, the alternator gives that battery the energy it needs to power a car and if one of these parts is not working properly, a car won’t start or run correctly.”
He taught on the different pointers to know how to identify problems accurately and also about batteries and alternator in a vehicle.

Mrs. Rabi Kabir of SON also spoke extensively about textile and how to identify the different textile and materials, what colour fastness was and the different types.
The interactive meeting came to a close with feedback of gratitude for the knowledge shared and the way with which all information was simplified.