Industrialists Decry Harsh Operating Environment in Ota-Agbara Axiss

Industrialists have decried the poor state of infrastructure and operating conditions at the Ota-Agbara areas of Ogun State.

Members of the Ota-Agbara Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and  Agriculture(OTAGCCIMA), who raised the alarm after a recent statutory meeting to deliberate on the state of the operating environment, cited the poor state of most roads in Ota and Agbara, multiplicity of taxes, illegal collection of tolls and epileptic power supply.

The Ota-Agbara Axis parades one of  the  highest  concentrations of industries in Nigeria, and is well known as the commercial nerve centre of Ogun State, with businesses collectively generating billions of naira monthly and supporting the local economy.

But OTAGCCIMA said the disturbing lack of government presence in terms of provision of social infrastructure poses a great threat to the survival of businesses in the areas.

The crucial meeting to review the conditions was attended by the President of TAGCCIMA, Mike Akingbade; First Deputy President, Dr. Kayode Bowale; and the Treasurer, Evang. Bello, among others.

The members lamented that the harsh operating conditions were already affecting their productivity, profitability, and the continued survival of their businesses.  

According to them, the problems have also resulted in high cost of production.

The business owners made a passionate appeal to Ogun State and the federal governments to address the situation urgently in line with the policy of Ease of Doing Business.

Expressing grave concern for life and businesses, Akingbade said: “Ota and Agbara are the hub of businesses in this part of the country but there has been a total neglect, and the parlous operating conditions are crippling businesses. But beyond the stifling effect on businesses, the carnage on the Atan-Agbara road, in recent times, is better imagined due to auto accidents caused by falling of big trucks and trailers on a daily basis including loss of lives. 

This is not acceptable. We appeal to government to come to our aid.”

Many of Nigeria’s best known businesses in the areas of food and beverage, heavy machinery, textile, agriculture and transportation are located at the Ota-Agbara area of Ogun State.

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