Osinbajo – This is Not True?

Yemi Osinbajo

Yemi Osinbajo

I have just seen a report with the highly respected Vice President, the great Professor Osinbajo quoted as saying that the problem with government is that there are no honest people there. Not true, I no gree o. There are plenty honest people in government. You nko? Are you not honest? You are very honest and you are even a pastor so your honesty is not of this world. But what are we still seeing? Wayo government.

My lord no be honesty, na lack of resolve to do the right thing even when that right thing is staring you in the face. You, for me remain an abiding contradiction – your ability and willingness to work this muddy pitch in church white garments and not expecting to be stained. I once wrote an article asking how you managed while serving a Lagos State government that was riddled with a ‘funny’ image as a result of the many ‘transactions’ that went under in the very strategic position you held.

Today you are doing the same thing and looking like you would escape the reputational damage that would have destroyed a lesser being. My lord, I do not even think we need honest people who do not have capacity but will go and sit down there and be doing honesty while 2million people have lost their jobs, while Foreign direct Investment is freezing out, while infrastructure is decaying and while our soldiers are being killed off like chickens. Sir, we need structure, firm institutions, visionary leadership and a huge dose of centric patriotism. You know what I mean. Who honesty epp? Bring the dishonest people who will work abeg.

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