Danger of Politicising Security Funding

Notes for File

Since the killings of about 120 soldiers belonging to the 157 Battalion in Melete, Borno State, huge attention has been shifted to security funding as a majority of the people had started to ask questions and mostly seeking a probe of the security funding so far.

Sadly, that is not a turf to thread by just anyone. Much as accountability and transparency remain two conjoined twins in governance, they are usually excused when the issue on the table has security implications, because the dangers of exposing whatever malfeasance perpetrated under security votes or funding are by far more than concealing the sleaze.

It is trite to say that although a retired general, who should have known better, President Muhammadu Buhari started this untoward development, when he tried to probe the source of PDP’s 2015 campaign funds through the Arms deal that went south.

It is however not a tradition that should be sustained in national interest. Whilst it is urgent and crucial to find a lasting solution to the constant attacks on the Nigerian army, prying into security funding does not sound smart and intelligent and government must sidestep this slippery path to national security.

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