One of the things this present government has continued to fight is corruption, but it seems in this regard the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC) in its corporate practices is not helping government.

For several months the transformer servicing a community comprising Toyin Balogun, Tokura, Thomas Ekun, Ajayi Alder streets all in Alagbado area of Lagos State of which the AIT Undertaking is in charge is bad, and needing a replacement. The federal government has long warned Nigerians not to buy transformers themselves for electricity distribution companies. As ultimately, the transformers become the property of the electricity distribution companies. Where the electricity distribution companies are wasting time the community may purchase the transformer and the money recovered through a special arrangement. But this has not been so. Instead Ikedc has arm-twisted this community that is suffering in darkness to purchase a transformer for Ikedc to become the owners! Each house is to pay N20,000.

To make matters worse, while they remain in darkness Ikedc has continued to bring monthly estimated bills! Even the bills being given now is higher than when the transformer was working! If this is not corruption what else is?

I implore the Minister of Works, Power and Housing, Mr Babatunde Raji Fashola to call Ikedc to order. The community should stop the money they are contributing of which Ikedc is sitting and waiting like a vulture. Ikedc should be made to replace the bad transformer, and commence the distribution of prepaid meters to stop this barefaced corruption. Ikedc should stop bringing bills until power is restored to the community. No to corruption in whatever guise!

Raji Babalola,


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