Experts Harp on Data Analytics for Digital Transformation

Emma Okonji

Experts that spoke at the maiden edition of TechPlus Breakfast Series, which held in Lagos recently, discussed the need for organisations to embrace digital technology for digital transformation.

They spoke on the importance of data generation, analysis and usage to rapidly grow organisations in the 21st Century.

General Manager, Techplus, Eniola Edun, said leaders needed to develop ‘a long-term holistic understanding of technology capabilities’, as the grasp will inform expedient decision-making and inspire newer business models.

Managing Director, General Electric, in charge of Gas and Power, Mohammed Mijindadi, who also spoke at the event, said technology would continue to play an important role in organisational growth. Organisations need technology to analyse, monitor and use data very efficiently.

“GE for instance, manufactures several equipment that are used to drive very sensitive aspect of industry growth.”
He said the essence of the gathering was to share industry ideas and see how organisations can further grow their businesses, using the right technology tools and data.

Speaking on the benefits of data to organisations, the Executive Director, SystemSpecs Limited, Mr. Aderemi Atanda, said: “The benefits of data are numerous to organisations. It helps to monitor the flow, analyse trends and capitalise on the strength of the organisation.”

“The impact of technology is no longer measured by investments in technology, but by the impact of the investments. FinTech players are playing key roles in helping organisations invest little but achieve much through the use of their software solutions that are driving growth in the financial sector,” Atanda said.

The forum revealed that many businesses are not taking full advantage of the opportunities that digital transformation brings, saying organisations must be proactive to leverage digital transformation and digital capacities.

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