Diaspora Group Lauds UN Lagos Centre on SDGs

It’s been argued countless times that for real development to occur in most developing countries, actions should not be left solely in the hands of government.

And given that many of the developing countries of Africa are endowed with brilliant citizens spread across Western nations where they continue to make significant contributions to the sustenance of best practices and growth, some countries on the continent have seen the need to attract more of their best from abroad for development at home.

The Future Hands (Future Hands), a group of Nigerian professionals based in Berlin, Germany, may not have necessarily identified any Nigerian government commitment attractive to them, but they are persuaded by their passion and compassion towards the plight of fellow citizens at home. They are, therefore, eager to intervene in several meaningful ways in Nigeria to deepen development.

Top on the agenda of these upwardly mobile young men and women is the actualisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Nigeria. And on this, they have showered glowing tributes on the United Nations Information Center (UNIC) in Lagos.

The SDGs are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. The 17 goals are designed to sufficiently tackle development challenges the world over.

Arising from its special high-level parley in Berlin, FH made a resolution to improve on actions to reduce poverty in Nigeria and develop partnerships with local organisations that will bring the vision to reality while using the avenue to commend the efforts of the United Nations Information Center (UNIC) in Lagos for the SDGs.

Singled out for special recognition by Future Hands was Ronald Kayanja, Director of UNIC, for his exemplary leadership and passion in the promotion of the SDGs in Nigeria.

Sometime ago, at an event organised by UNIC for the leaders of various local government legislatures in Lagos State to discuss the SDGs framework and the role of Councillors, Kayanka, the organising chairman of the occasion, called on the local government legislators to enact laws that would support the implementation and the achievement of the SDGs in the various councils.
He also emphasised that the local government administration, including its legislative arm, has an important role to play in achieving the Agenda 2030, the date set out for the attainment of the goals across the world.

According to FH, the efforts of the UNIC led by Kayanka are noteworthy because it will serve as a huge inspiration to government at various levels to gain more understanding and work harder towards reaching the goals and it will also help draw more attention from the private sector to the importance of the SDGs.

During the official adoption and declaration of the SDGs by the United Nations in 2015, it was stated that all hands would be on deck towards the promotion and achievement of the goals.

The global business community, which was not effectively engaged on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), became a major focus of the realisation of the new global development agenda, SDGs.

Therefore the endeavours of professional groups like FH as well as the interventions of UN country offices like the UNIC in Lagos are vital in bringing real development to our world and reducing the scourge of poverty in Nigeria

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