The Grief Behind The Glitter: How Town Lady, Dabota Lawson, Went from Mawkish To Venomous Bride


Her tragic wedlock to billionaire magnate, Sunny Aku
Finally, Dabota Lawson understands, that, not all that glitters is gold. Back when she felt otherwise, she kindled her desires into a prurient fire, and insisted on burning ravenously in a world, where stardom emits the spark of the firefly.

Dabota is just one sentence short of alluding to the truism as she recently took to the social media to lament her decision to settle for much older money bag, Prince Sunny Aku, at the expense of young suitors whose overtures she scorned in her heyday.

In what appears to be a catharsis of some sort, the former beauty queen depicted an image of an afflicted soul, haunted by wrong decisions she took in her past. According to her, her biggest regret is marrying billionaire businessman, Aku, who she tied the knot with back in 2014. In an early Monday Instagram post, Dabota did not spare her friends, who assumed the role of advisers and counsellors to her. She gave it to them, pointedly, warning them to desist from counselling her, citing the birth of her daughter as the only silver lining in her cloudy marriage.

It would be recalled that the marriage packed up in 2015, barely a year after their wedding. It was not clear if age was a contributory factor to the foundered matrimony, as Dabota was then fond of painting an image of a marriage made in heaven.

“When you love somebody, you just love him or her with your whole heart. You do not think about age or anything of that nature. My husband’s age is not a problem because a marriage built on the laws of God must work regardless of age, class or origin and that is what my husband and I have going for us. We face what God has to say before anything else,” she once said in an interview.

Barely three months after painting this picture however, her marriage hit the rock. Back when she was chummy with Aku, Dabota made ostentatious display of the life of luxury that he gave her. If she was not showing off vacations on a yacht or private jets, she would be sharing details of bank transactions in millions to taunt “haters.”

Indications that their union was wobbly emerged when Dabota deleted all images of Aku from her Instagram and quit using his name as her surname, an act which revealed that the marriage was experiencing some hiccups. She eventually deleted the account when internet trolls afflicted her social media. She returned weeks later and attempted to rebrand herself as an entrepreneur dealing in cosmetics. All her efforts at redeeming herself and underplaying the sad experience of her ill-fated marriage, were however futile. Not even her presumed street-smarts and exposure, gained from her sterling academic sojourn in England, could mitigate the devastation of her tragic wedlock.