The news is all over that my lord was in Germany seemingly against his bail conditions. They say he went for medical reasons but the court thought otherwise and has revoked the bail. You see what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, the other one jumped bail to go pray in Israel while this one went to Germany to advise on Brexit while still taking care of his health.

This kalu man is a handful. Did you guys watch his interview on how OBJ came into his bedroom to beg him to support his third term agitation or something like that? I laughed and almost collapsed from it.

These politicians are far better than our Nollywood actors; he talked that day o like an insider that he was. Today he has flown to Germany for whatever reasons. He should man up and come back abeg.

You see why people like Aremu will be pouring spit and shouting when a whole personality like that whose International passport should have been with the court can now pass through the same system without any problems and then citizen Aremu is now barred. Why won’t he call everybody bastard? There was a country my people.