Me I like this chap. actor, musician and husband to the very beautiful Adesuwa. The guy can sing o and he can dance small and he can really toast but today he wants to go to the House of Reps. I support him but his inexperience will do him in. You see, the push that the youths must join the process as far as I can see is only an emotional play.

Power is serious business go ask them Saraki and they will tell you. All these social media games we play can only be a mild distraction for the very serious people. So Banky seeing the number of people following him on Instagram most especially because of his wife suddenly believes that he has enough fire power to go on stage and be taken seriously.

Those before him, hem Fela dem haven’t they fizzled out? Even the great Sowore after ranting and cussing out the whole world don tire. We need very serious and articulate candidates to represent the youth who will go through an apprenticeship, pay their dues ad grow within the system, understanding it well before jumping into the fray.

Jakande served Awolowo very well, Tinubu served very well, Dino served very well, Saraki served very well, El-Rufai served very well, Atiku served very well that is why they understand power. Not this one who will be rubbing powder on his face and doing beard gang on Instagram and will just stand up one day and say he wants be House of Reps member.