Lamentations of Rahama Indimi

Rahama Indimi

Since the marriage between Rahama, daughter of the Borno State-born oil magnate and owner of Oriental Energy, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi, and Mohammed, son of the former military President, Ibrahim Babangida, hit the rocks, there has always been one bad story or another about them.

Recently, Rahama posted a message on her Instagram page, disparaging her estranged hubby. In the Instagram post, she wrote: “Well, I won my case in Minna last year. But victory was short- lived when Mohammed Babangida refused to accept his defeat. He brought his personal Judge to hear the matter again in the same court, instead of going to the Sharia Court of Appeal.

“I’m thinking since I’m done in Minna, I can finally move on with my life. Unfortunately, the case was re-listed. I told the court I’m not interested in doing the case. Lo and behold, the Judge forced me to be the plaintiff. My lawyer said we are still not interested in the case.

“Fine, I’m forced to do a case that I know they have no jurisdiction over, against my will. Long story short, the judge said I’m not truthful because I have not a marriage certificate. What does customary law have to do with Sharia Law?

“This man changed the Sharia Law to fit his client. He gave him exclusive custody of all the four kids. Mind you, Sharia gives my mum custody if I’m unfit to mother my children. Even the two that are not within jurisdiction.

“Hey may God help our judiciary. Money talks and b””” shit works. I will continue to fight till my last breadth. Allah Kareem, Allah Wakil.”

However, a source told Spyglass: “Mohammed now has full custody of the four children and if he decides to pursue this matter further, Rahama might go to jail because she actually took the two children with her out of the country without the knowledge of their father, and wait, for this, the father has the passports of the children, but Rahama through her connections moved them out of the country.”