Monday letter

I have prepared some Olympic games for candidates of the 2019 Presidential polls and their parties which are supposed to follow all the formalities from the opening to the closing ceremonies and the award of medals to the winners, as well as consolidation prizes. There are also football contests amongst the candidates with their party members. I crave the indulgence of my readers to start with the final match of the football competition because it is going to be the most exciting of the national event.

Other matches may come in replay forms.  I expect that my readers will be calculative to decipher some underpins in the match. As the match boss, I have decided that each goal will be counted one million points. And the final match is between the Nigeria’s ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the opposition, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).  

Ladies and gentlemen! My dear football lovers in Nigeria and across the world! You are welcome to the National Stadium at Plot 436, Zambezi Crescent, Maitama in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. This is the final match of the 2019 Presidential Olympic football tournament. You will recall that the tournament has been very interesting with some surprises. 91 clubs or so have participated in it, but unfortunately many matches witnessed walkovers due to the inability of the clubs to meet up with the requirements after their registrations. The Olympic management will review this callous attitude and penalize the defaulting clubs accordingly.

This final match is between the two strongest teams, the defending champion, the APC FC and the runner-up of the last tournament, the PDP FC. The stadium is very neat and fitted to international standard. It is the largest stadium in the African continent with the capacity of about 190 million. It has been a very beautiful day. The match is a decisive one as its outcome will determine the unity, peace and progress of the spectators in particular and the football lovers across the continent and the world.

Every country of the world looks on to this game with keen interest. The two teams, assuredly, have international supporters. On the other hand, most of them have shown, like football lovers, particular interest in the defenders due to the national and international accolades they have gathered in the past few years and the confidence they have instilled in their supporters. Since their debut into the tournament, their consistent fair play and tolerance in defeat, as well as magnanimity in victory has remained a point of reference. That has endeared them more to their fans and people of the world.

· The defenders are full of sports experts and players in world top clubs. The runner-up is equally up to the task, having won the tournament four times in the past. As you can see, the spectators are carrying either the broom or the umbrella. I will discuss the strength and significance of the two protection tools in my future features. I think that these tools were carefully chosen by their managers who are sports strategists. Ladies and gentlemen, I am sure that you will enjoy this wonderful crucial tough clash between the two titans.


·         The APC’s team is with the green-white-blue jersey with red short and stocking. The jersey and short are decorated with the team’s logo, the broom. The PDP’s team is with the red jersey, white short and green stocking. They are decorated with the team’s logo, the umbrella. Both teams are warming up before the national anthem and other formalities. The spectators are all full of expectation for this spectacular national event. The security is well organized as you can see the police, all other paramilitary personnel including the road safety, fire service and staff of the national emergency management agency (NEMA) positioned in strategic areas to ensure safety of lives and property as well as orderliness from the spectators.

·         I can see the head coach of the APC Oshiomhole, assistant coach Abdulkadir; technical assistants, E. Omachukwu, H. Ekpe, Victor, M. Salisu and Lawal Shuaibu; fitness coach Nduka Ayongo, goalkeeping coaches, A. Shuaib and E. Ebediro scoutings and physiotherapists A. Bolaji, B. Abdullahi, A. Fanda and B. Ogala. They are seated on the bench with the reserves. I can also see seated the head coach of the PDP Secondus; assistant coach G. Garba; technical assistants Y. Akinwonmi, U. Tsauri, E. Agbo, A. Akobundu, U. Okoye and H. Yakubu; Fitness Coach K. Ologbondiyan; goalkeeping coaches D. Odeyemi and A. Maibasara; scoutings and physiotherapists I. Gerald, A. Adewale, W. Masu and E. Enoidem.

·         The referee of this match is a well-known no-nonsense sportive gentleman. M. Yakubu is known to be a just and courageous umpire.  We are very hopeful of a very hitch-free match but full of actions and interesting displays.

Muhammad Ajah, Abuja