Bukar Ibrahim’s Painful Truth

Bukar Abba Ibrahim

Former Yobe State Governor and Senator for Yobe East senatorial district, Bukar Abba Ibrahim, for once came out hard on President Muhammadu Buhari and the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC), when he said recently that the president might suffer humiliating defeat in the North East part of the country during next year’s election.

He won’t stop there. He went on to say even if the president and his party, the APC attempted to rig next year’s election, they would still not win, because Nigerians are worse off under the APC government than they ever were under the PDP. He believed this would affect the pattern of debate.

Perhaps, it goes without saying that the senator had read the mood of the nation and decided to sync his view with popular opinions from different quarters. As hurtful as this might sound, it is the in-thing and the chorus everyone appears to be miming. Although some hold the view it was already late for the APC to make amends, there is no crime in making some last minute effort, even if it was to save face.