Toyin Sokefun-Bello’s Recognition


Toyin Sokefun- Bello used to be a member of a music sensation, KUSH, an all-female group. Together with the likes of Lara and Emem, the band made a grand entry into the nation’s entertainment firmament and sustained its tempo with several award-winning hits. But just when many were thinking that the group had come to stay, it disappeared, leaving many in wonderment of what could have necessitated their sudden exit.

Well, that was several years ago! Today, the girls have grown into ladies and are doing so well in their individual endeavours. Toyin, fondly called TY Bello,  has been showcasing her other talent in photography. She is a household name and enjoys patrongage by rich clientele spreading across different walks of life.

As evident of her rising profile, beautiful TY Bello,  last week, was honoured with an award at the 18th National Conference in Lagos for her outstanding work in photography and creative arts. A visibly elated TY Bello could not hide her joy about the honour done her by the organisers.