iStore Unveils iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max in Lagos


Amid fun and excitement, the latest models of Apple phone, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were officially introduced to the Nigerian market yesterday.

The new products were unveiled by iStore, Apple Authorised Reseller, in ShopRite Ikeja Lagos, and the event was graced by some popular Nigerian celebrities who had pre-ordered the devices.

Featuring a standard array of internal improvements, including a better camera and faster processor, the new phones boast an internal storage, with an upper limit of 512GB.

According to the company, the XS Max features parade a 6.5-inch screen, significantly larger than that of the older iPhone 8 Plus, but with the edge-to-edge design of the iPhone X line while both phones have the same cameras and processors.

The iPhone XS is also said to have a 30 minutes longer battery life than the X, while the XS Max battery last 90 minutes more, giving the two devices 12 and 13 hours life during internet browsing.

Speaking at the launch, Chief Executive Officer of Core Group Africa, Matthew Grose, explained that the new products offered more in terms of gaming, lifestyle, films, social media, businesses and others to improve users live experience.

To enjoy Apple’s maximum services and other perks that come with it offerings, Grose further advised  customers to pick their products in any  iStore  locations in Nigeria.

“When customers get their new iPhone at iStore, they get access to our full range of exclusive benefits and services, including free tech support, free training and access to financing a device for over 8 months. 

“Customers can also visit iStore to upgrade to the latest model of iPhone and save up to 50% when they trade in their existing iPhone.  Bring any device you have on hand and trade them in to put towards buying your new iPhone, iPad or Mac. 

“To encourage early adopters, most especially students and teachers, we will also be offering a discount of 5% on any of our products  purchased in iStore”, he said.