Firm Provides Multicloud to Enterprise


Delivering on its promise to empower digital transformation for enterprise customers, Layer3 has expanded its portfolio with a new multicloud orchestration platform designed to simplify deployment of enterprise workloads, managed services and third-party cloud resources.

In advancing this course, Layer3 recently organised a two-day workshop with the theme: “Simplify Your Path to a Secure and Automated Path to Multicloud” for a diverse group of companies from various industries in Lagos. The workshop, which was held in conjunction with Juniper Networks, one of the global leaders in networking, outlined the steps organizations should take when planning their multicloud migration strategies.

Companies are moving more workloads from on-premises to the cloud to keep up with the need for agility and more flexibility. A recent study conducted by PwC found that a majority of enterprise workloads currently on-premises are expected to migrate to the public cloud in the next one to three years. As a result, enterprises will need to adopt even greater multicloudstrategies as workloads become more distributed across IT environments.

Layer3’s Head of Engineering, Godwin Michaels, said: “The promise of multicloud is to deliver an infrastructure that is secure, ubiquitous, reliable and fungible and where the migration of workloads will be a simple and intuitive process.

“The value proposition justifies the increasing adoption of multicloud infrastructure solutions and some of its advantages are: increase in ROI, superior security, low latency, end-to-end visibility and control, autonomy and less disaster prone. Layer3 will help support the evolution of the operations of organisations smoothly to enable them to be more agile and automated.”