Adams Oshiomhole, APC National Chairman

Me ke, do I even have this kind of mind? It’s not me o, what even concern me? It is the talk within APC circles o. They say the man has annoyed every critical grouping, from governors to failed primaries contenders and even wives of contenders.

The cry is loud and clear that even my Oga, the highly respected Dr Rueben Abati has even done a beautiful piece on this issue. When someone will be telling him to calm down, he will not listen, he will just be jumping around and be annoying people.

Today, I hear there is no base except for maybe the Jagaban. The cry is strident. But then again, moving against an incumbent chairman this close to the elections is not very expedient o. They may not have enough time to grapple with the fallout and build enough consensus to face the kind of formidable candidate that PDP has thrown up.

I think, they should just make do with Oshiomole and ‘rough am’. But the daddy has to calm down. The battles are too plenty and I always wonder where he gets all this energy from. My lord, please take am easy, no be like this dem dey do party chairman, na conse