Nnamdi Kanu: Please, Don’t Make Me Laugh

Nnamdi Kanu

So the picture was released: The great saviour of the Igbo nation had reappeared in Israel and was standing by one wall like that and was even kissing the wall. That was the style he used to reappear in our consciousness. Is this one even serious? After running away for over one year he now reappeared with one funny cap and be thinking that we will still have his time? Mbok, since his departure things have been happening o and I don’t think we will still need his irritation at this time.

I do not understand how freedom fighters especially from that region always run away. The other thick-bearded one ran to Ivory Coast after leading a rebellion that killed over two million people. This one, after calling everybody monkey and the nation a zoo simply disappeared and left his people at the mercy of the ‘oppressors’. This one na mumu no be us and those scrambling to give him relevance by responding to his empty threats are the real traducers. Nnamdi showed very clearly that his fight was quite selfish and narrow focused.

He had nothing to offer but his uncanny understanding of the evil machinations with which he used so expertly to wield influence over a poverty stricken people. He raised so much dust that he inadvertently raised the consciousness of not only the Igbo nation but also all other downtrodden people nationwide. But where it mattered the most, he fell down. I was not surprised because his campaign was hollow, lacking in ideology but filled with semi-literate verbiage that could only engage the very downtrodden.

He got the attention required but as the Lilliputian that he was, did not know what to do with it. Urging him on was an incompetent establishment who themselves lacked ethos, they didn’t know how to handle him. So the ill-fated so-called invasion of his homestead by the Army now gave him the ruse he needed to do a Usain Bolt into exile and from there appearing in white bedsheet to start sending his utmost empty threats again to the nation. Mbok Kanu just stay where you are make we concentrate for this 2019 matter. Enough of your childish pranks, we have moved forward. Thank you and God bless you. While you are still in Jerusalem, go check the manger, you just might see the three wise men who came from the East with gifts for our baby Jesus make them talk sense into you. Mshewwww.