Akinwunmi Ambode

So we have been hearing very strong rumours about this impending so-called impeachment and then it is looking like our man Ambode is fearing. I just saw a report quoting him as saying that he would fight strenuously to campaign for Sanwoolu and Buhari. That in my thinking is him trying to use style to beg. And the write-up in one of the National Dailies titled ‘the tiger Ambode rode’ and written by one elderly Afenifere chieftain is not helping his image as a bold and fearless person.

Mbok, how much more can one man take, why all these humiliations? If they want to impeach, let them come and impeach. We will not die na. They say, it is his pension they are going for and rendering him politically irrelevant. You see why I always talk of true leadership. When them Awolowo and our forefathers were fighting for our independence, they had a larger vision for our country. They did not care about any personal gains or pension o. The truth is that Lagos needs emancipation and if Ambode does not have the grit to face this fight, then let him spare us all these theatrics and let us concentrate on what we need to do.

As my mother used to say, how many people will you beg? So you beg at Bourdillon, you beg in State House of Assembly, you beg in Iga Iduguran, you beg in Abuja, you beg in Shomolu, you beg in Shrine and still you are being embarrassed and humiliated by those who claim divine authority to own us and yet you will not one day stand up and say it is enough? Now, Speaker is giving Executive Orders, he would soon start attending Federal Executive Council meetings and you will still be begging? Me, I am your man any day, but you are not making it easy for me o. People are laughing at me o. Let’s take a firm position on the side of the people and stand by it. Ite si wa ju eko —-mbok I know know the rest. Whatever, you know what I am trying to say.