Soares  Gregory: My Journey into Fashion Started from High School


My Story

Soares Oladele Gregory, the brain behind Pablo Soares Kollection, is a seasoned fashion deisgner, socialite and showbiz enthusiast who has built his brand successfully in Lagos and expanding globally to other cities. He talks to Tosin Clegg about starting his brand, his inspirations, what makes his works exceptional and lots more

How did the journey start? 

The journey into fashion started a long time ago but originally in 2015 after my university education at Lagos State University. It all started amongst friends and family when I tried to sort out fabrics and match designs for them. And before I knew it, something bespoke and magical came out of my design. Although, while I was in high school, I tried to keep my style updated. So, I would say my journey into fashion started originally from my high school days. 

What has been the successes and challenges so far? 

First, I have to thank God for the success over the years although there has been ups and downs which is a normal thing for every entrepreneur. But with the grace of God I have been able to extend my clientele base outside the country. There are still challenges that come along with it like building up a standard brand in Nigeria, which is quite expensive and it takes a very disciplined mind to overcome such challenge, but with the grace of God, I would overcome all of it. 

What’s exceptional about your pieces and what do you think would make you the most preferred brand to wear? 

What I think is exceptional about my work is detailing. You know clothing is not just about fabrics and sewing. The details are very vital and that I would say makes me different. 

Who are your role models and mentors? 

I have a lot of them but I would mention a few. Internationally, I respect whatever comes from D&G, Giorgio Armani, Sergio Galeotti, Gianni Versace and in Nigerian, I love anything from Duro Oluwo, Mai Atafo, Yomi Casual and Vanskere. 

Where do you see your brand in a few years? 

With a lot of work I’m putting into my brand, in the next few years, I would be amongst the top designers in Nigeria. And would also be a source of inspiration to other up and coming entrepreneurs in the fashion industry.