Oni Diri Premieres This Weekend


The private premiere of Oni Diri (Hairdresser) will hold this weekend at Bogobiri House, Ikoyi, Lagos.

The story about a woman who reflects on her childhood on her journey to self-discovery is the first production from the stables of Yellow Dot company.

“‘Oni diri’ is in summary a discovery. It is about a woman looking back her childhood and telling you the truly peculiar African experience because ‘Oni diri’ will only ever, I daresay, would have been experienced by an African girl. For us it is a pure story that we wanted to put out there not only to Nigerians but to the world. In Nigeria it is easy to relate but outside here, people in the UK, America will never ever have thought that a movie about a hairdresser will be expressed in that way. It is an adventure from a child’s eye,” said Olubukola Bolarinde, the founder of Yellow Dot.

Apart from producing content that are purely African, Yellow Dot also doubles as a talent management company. So far, 15 talents that cut across the arts and entertainment industry are managed by the outfit. Bolarinde believes that her company will bridge the seeming gaps in the creative industry.