EduFirstNg Seeks Support for Quality Education


As part of its commitment to improve the standards of education in the country for global competitiveness, Edufirst and Skool Media have begun campaign to reinforce the need for quality education in Nigeria.

It is determined to change the narrative of the Nigerian education sector by embarking on a campaign with the theme ‘Raising the Standard of Education in Nigeria’.

The campaign aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4, which mandates an inclusive and equitable quality education to promote lifelong learning for all. Edufirst Ng and Skool Media are jointly focused on bridging the gap and enhancing the standard of education through the adoption of digital learning in the Nigerian curricular.

The campaign seeks to address the need to improve educational standards by leveraging the productive power of technology to transform and make learning fun and productive.

According to Mr. Moses Imayi, the co-founder and Project Director of Edufirstng campaign, while speaking at the 2018 media parley of Education campaign, “education is the biggest investment we can make as a people. As an organisation, we are committed to standing up for education because we strongly believe we are investing in the Nigeria socio-economic development. As a matter of priority, I urge you to stand as we begin a journey to revive education in Nigeria.

“We are products of the education system in Nigeria. For us, this journey is of great significance as an organisation. Education firstNigeria is a technology driven organisation that is focused on bridging the gap and enhancing the standard of education in Nigeria while advocating for an all-inclusive education system.

“It is an advocacy drive to adopt digital literacy in Nigerian curriculum. As an organisation, as a campaign, we are driven by three core values: excellence, to provide information through the use of information technology and innovation because we have passion for the development of the Nigerian child.

“As an organisation we are driven by passion and commitment to the use of technology to transform our learning space.”

Also, the Country Manager, Edufirst Ng, Mr. Idris Oladipo, said “education remains an important resource in national development. It is for this reason that the Edufirst Nigeria team is so committed towards reviving the lost hopes in Nigerian education space. It is projected that by 2050, Nigeria would have a population growth of 300 million people, and each mother is expected to give birth to at least five children and the only way out for us not to remain or to become the poverty capital is to invest massively in education and health.