ANRP leader speaks on NLC, TUC, ULC Strike Threat


By Udora Orizu

In reaction to the indefinite strike action warning issued by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and United Labour Congress (ULC) to the government on the implementation of the new minimum wage, The National Chairman and Presidential Candidate of Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP), Tope Fasua agrees that the indefinite strike will send a resounding message to an inept government.

According to him, “I will support the indefinite strike 100% if only to send a resounding message to this utterly inept and apparently wicked government that has consistently treated the people with so much disgust and disdain, the workers have every right to an increase in wages and the government must wake up and look for the money, rather all they have done at state and Federal is make themselves comfortable, the top politicians and civil servants”.

He said, “They have even reduced the budget for 2019 meaning they have absolutely no intention to add N1.00 to the minimum wage. I also have a statement from Adamu Fika wherein he alleged that the Revenue Mobilisation Agency biannually increases the salaries and allowances of selected, connected politicians especially those in ‘juicy’ offices”.

“With the blind and embarrassing incompetence and total disconnect of this government Nigeria is reaching an inflection point where the only option is a people’s revolution. The reason they cannot pay is due to the elite rape of this country and their further unwillingness to do right by this country and pay their way. Smaller African countries are raising thrice our national revenue but all we see here is wastage and braggadocio. Enough already”.

He added that by his calculations, taking inflation only into account year on year, 62% of the value of the Naira has eroded since 2011 when workers last had an increase.

“N19,800 in 2011 is worth only N7,500 today. If we add a little of the 51% devaluation of our currency by this government that amount is only N5,000. Then government says it wants to take the minimum wage to N20,000 meaning it can only add N200 after 7 years of work. These people have perfected the art of mental and physical abuse on Nigerians. This is totally reprehensible, unacceptable, unconscionable, insensitive and nonsensical”. Says Fasua