Chris Okotie canvasses a government of reconciliation and reconstruction

The politics of today is so partisan, that it is bereft of the nationalistic sentiments that would augur well for a nation. Nigeria is at the cusp, and we must come up with a philosophy that is antithetical and diametrically opposed to what we have done in the past. The Constitution of the country is moribund, retrogressive, and subversive to the Nigerian cause. We need to restructure, and no extant or subsisting party can address this issue, due to sentimental affiliations. Nigeria has come to a point where the only way forward is to have an interim government and it will be obvious as time goes on. At the presidential level, there will be difficulties that will not be surmountable except we submit to another paradigm.

The prognosis concerning any venture that one is mandated to undertake is not usually given by God. What He does is to give a command and expect faith to be exercised in relation to that command, albeit there is no palpable feasibility for the actualisation of that mandate. There is a plethora of instances in the Bible when people were called by God to carry out specific responsibilities, and it can be unequivocally stated that victory was dependent on their level of obedience. We all know we are currently embattled with these quandaries and in light of this; I refer to myself as a consensus remedial facilitator, with the mandate to establish a system of government which I have christened Government of Reconciliation and Reconstruction. It is an ad hoc concept to address the situation we have in this country, after which, we may go back to the status quo ante.

I am neither asking to be a part of the PDP or the APC, nor am I asking to be their candidate in the 2019 presidential election. I am asking both parties and other political parties not to field presidential candidates in the forthcoming election but they should subscribe their support to a model that I have advocated, which is to set up an Interim National Government. The mandate to restructure Nigeria shall deal with fundamental issues that beset us as a nation in order to prevent a catastrophe. However, irrespective of the parties’ agreement to my proposal, I will definitely pursue it because it is not dependent on them. It’s a divine mandate from God, which is why I have maintained the same stance all these years. There is a lot of scepticism in the world itself, even in the church. Remember, Moses went before Pharaoh several times before he yielded and it wasn’t because God didn’t send him from the outset. This has never been an issue for me because delay is not denial. I’m a man on a mission.

I have been working with a group of men and women who are of like minds; people that can be trusted and be seen as the symbol of national unity. The enormity of the task itself is apparent for all to see; but with God, all things are possible. What I know is that God loves Nigeria and what is ahead is not a regular sequence of events that we are conversant with in election cycles. Without a doubt in my mind, there will be those who are opposed to it. Even the Lord Jesus, while He was here had opposition. But I’m saying that the prevailing circumstance at that time would make it mandatory. I’m persuaded that there are patriots within these parties who have a clear vision of present realities and the time will come, when there would be a convergence. These negotiations would be based on consensus; as it would be decided among ourselves how long it would take and what the interim government would address.

There is a high level of resentment present in the nation today which is unprecedented. We must find a solution while our people are still willing to dialogue: a practical pragmatism which is necessary to engender a state where Nigerians are willing to continue in this entity that we call our nation. We have never had people this vocal in their condemnation of the things going on in government. A drastic event would occur that would change the course of this nation. This change would lead to the renaissance of the Nigerian state. Regardless, God has a hand in the destiny of this nation. I believe that He has given us another opportunity and we must grab it with both hands, with all the tenacity that we can muster.

Rev. Okotie is the Pastor of the Household of God Church and Presidential Candidate of the FRESH Democratic Party

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