PDP Using Propaganda to Remain Relevant in Akwa Ibom, Says APC


Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of resorting to falsehood and propaganda against its leaders in the state.

The party said PDP is getting panicky in the face of imminent defeat in the forthcoming 2019 governorship and legislative election in Akwa Ibom State.

In a statement issued by the acting National Secretary of APC, Yekini Nabena, said in its desperation to remain in the reckoning of the Akwa Ibom electorate, PDP has engaged in unsubstantiated allegations against its leaders.

“We view PDP’s wild and unsubstantiated allegations against former Governor of Akwa-Ibom State, Senator. Godswill Akpabio, Atuekong Don Etiebet and the 2019 APC governorship candidate, Obong Nsima Ekere, as one of the falsehoods and propaganda by the PDP,” it said.

PDP had alleged that the APC chieftains are planning to foment violence in the state in order to ensure the postponement of the forthcoming elections.

However, APC said the allegation itself is a classic case of the aggressor playing the victim to cover up his misdeeds.

It described the PDP and their leaders as purveyors of violence, adding that several petitions have been lying in the office of the Inspector General of Police against the PDP National Legal Adviser, Emmanuel Enoidem, a former commissioner in Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration.

In the petitions, APC said the PDP National Legal Adviser was alleged to have sponsored cultists and militant gangs that have gone out of control in Etim Ekpo, his home local government area and neighbouring Ukanafun.

It further alleged that the activities of these cultists have resulted in several deaths in the last three years and displaced many families who now live as displaced persons in Iwukem.

APC alleged that the Governor Emmanuel-led administration has been covering up the security crisis despite the increasing number of deaths and displacements. “This is no longer acceptable. The PDP administration in the state must accept its failure to provide security in the state.

“It is funny that the PDP ascribes the current spate of violence to APC when its (APC) members are at the receiving end. It is on record that a day after Senator Akpabio joined the APC, his home was attacked by gun-wielding who shot into his compound,” it said.

It said there are numerous cases of politically-motivated attacks against APC supporters, members and leaders in the state are in the public domain and have been well-reported.

“It is laughable that the PDP continues to delude itself that Akwa Ibom State is a “core PDP state” and by implication canvassing for the coronation of the incumbent governor. The Akwa-Ibom electorate and indeed the political structure have rejected PDP and no amount of falsehood and propaganda can reverse their lost appeal in the state.

“Any attempt by the current PDP administration in state to cause crisis and disrupt the 2019 election will not be tolerated. The PDP has already lost the forthcoming election as a result of the pedestrian performance of the Udom Emmanuel administration. “The party should face its fate rather than engage in scare mongering.

The Akwa Ibom electorate cannot wait for the 2109 general elections to vote out the incompetent PDP government. The tide has turned in Akwa Ibom State,” it said.