FG’s Travel Ban on 50 Nigerians ill-timed, Says Lagos Governorship Aspirant, Owolabi Salis


Mary Nnah

The Alliance for Democracy, AD, and Star Alliance governorship candidate for Lagos State, High Chief Owolabi Salis, has described Federal Government travel ban on about 50 Nigerians is an ill-timed action, which is looking like a decree.

Speaking to newsmen in Lagos yesterday, High Chief Salis, a New York-based lawyer, said: “Banning these persons is coming at the wrong time. Even though Executive Order 06 permits it, the timing makes it come across like a decree to make certain people behave in a certain way.

“As much as government wants to do certain things, it must not do the job of the judiciary, because this ban smacks of enforcement of the law.”

On the forthcoming presidential election, Salis, a chartered accountant and chartered banker, said neither he nor AD had decided who to support between President Muhammadu Buhari and Atiku Abubakar, noting “I have a relationship with both.

“However, our decision on who to rally support for depends on who has the good of the grassroots at heart. My driving motive is to take back the abundant wealth of Lagos State from a private hand and give it back to the grassroots. They even privatised mortuaries.

“Lagos is important to the black race worldwide. That is why I want to use the justice system, insurance and the financial sectors to expand the economy and create an enterprising civil service.”

He accused Nigeria leaders of travelling round the world, but failing to bring all the good things they see and utilise abroad to the country, adding that politicians use Nigerians youths as thugs and create artificial diversity.