Fingerprint Data Solutions: A Steady Journey To Growth And Expansion


For some time now, especially in the last couple of years, perhaps the most important conversation in the financial world have been centered around safety and elimination of fraudulent activities like credit card scam and identity theft, mostly in the banking sector. Already banks in Nigeria have been ramping up efforts to incorporate bio-metric technology into their systems. And leading the march in the journey to safer financial transactions in Nigeria is one of the highly-rated Information Technology, IT, companies of international repute, Fingerprint Data Solutions.

The IT company, headquartered in Atlanta, United States of America, USA, is evidently one of the few companies on the speed track of IT growth and expansion. Fingerprint Data Solution’s invention, an Automated Finger Payment Machine, AFPM, which is a payment device with fingerprint scanner in ATM machines that stores data and links it to bank accounts for seamless transactions, has completely changed the face of banking in Nigeria. Gone are those dreadful days of unauthorized access to people’s accounts. The Thumb and Pin innovation is solely designed to make daily transactions secure and easy. With the fingerprint technology account details will be encrypted in personal prints of account holders thereby shutting the door against any form of credit card theft as well as identity theft.

The company’s winning invention has won Fingerprint Data Solutions a wide network of partnership with some of Nigeria’s financial institutions. The experts at Fingerprint Data Solutions are not resting on their oars as they are currently busy working on how to develop a software that will offer a more seamless transactions for account holders. The company has also extended its magic wand to the Nigerian food industry; the latest invention on the stable of the Fingerprint Data Solutions is the exciting food app called myneighbourskitchen. The food app which has already generated quite a buzz throughout the country is designed primarily to connect food lovers and cooks in a seamless fashion.

According to available information, myneighbourskitchen app will also function as an avenue to create additional income for both food lovers and cooks. It is also an empowerment platform where cooks can showcase their recipes and earn at the same time. And that’s not all, the app is not only exclusive to trained chefs but every food enthusiasts can also take advantage of the app to showcase their culinary skills.