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Greensprings Restates Commitment to Quality Education, Launches Ikoyi Campus

Greensprings Restates Commitment to Quality Education, Launches Ikoyi Campus

By Uchechukwu Nnaike

The management of Greensprings School, Lagos has launched its third campus in Ikoyi for pre-school and elementary sections with a renewed commitment to providing quality education.

Speaking at the launch reccently, the Executive Director of the school, Mrs. Lai Koiki said over the years, the school has ensured that the tradition of excellence is upheld.

She described Greensprings as a child-centred school that is not stagnant. “The world around us is changing, everything is changing which means that the education too has to change because we are preparing the children for a world that we don’t even know and so we continue to upgrade our facilities and teachers so that they can fit into that world.

We are the first thinking school in West Africa; there is a revolution in the world now that you need to challenge your thinking, you need to think about your thinking; for instance how do you think the way you do. It exercises your brain, so you see things from different perspectives; since we don’t know what the future holds, then we need to prepare them widely and broadly so that by the time they get to that point, they will be able to operate in that future.”

She assured parents that the school would continue to improve on the learning experience it gives to the children and as new innovations in teaching come, the school will teach it.

“There is a great departure from teaching content which is what the Nigerian curriculum still does because information is readily available online, but the skills to be able to decipher which one is good information or fake information is what thinking will do to them so that they will be able to sort it out, otherwise they will take everything they find on the web as the truth and that is not always the case.”

Koiki commended those who believed and supported the dream that made the new campus a success and thanked the pioneer parents of Ikoyi Campus for believing in the school and for entrusting their children to her care.

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