Atican Beach Estate Berths in Lekki


The Marketing Director, Atican Beachview Estate, Mr. Ridwan Atiku, has disclosed that his firm, Atican Nigeria Limited, which started  the  construction of its pilot estate in 2015, has completed the first phase  of the Atican Beachview Estate.

Atiku, said the motivation for entering into the market was because many people had complained about the less attractive houses being showcased in the industry.

“People are building, so we needed to build homes for people, not houses. What other real estate companies are doing mostly is to build houses, which they can’t live in. But, we build homes at Atican Nigeria Limited. So, that is why we entered into the property market,” Atiku explained in a statement at the weekend.

The Atican Beachview Estate is a serene estate built on 4.3 hectares and located within the Lekki Scheme II in Lagos.

The offerings ranges from four bedroom fully detached house to three-bedroom terrace house.

The four bedroom fully detached house are built on a space of 300 square meters (sqm). Its features include four large en-suite bedrooms, two living room, large kitchen space and store, among others.

The four and five-bedroom semi-detached house option also has the features like the fully detached.

“However, it boasts of a parking lots capacity for seven cars, as it sits on a land space of between 320 and 330sqm. Also is the four-bedroom duplex, having the same features.

“For those with smaller family size, Atican Beachview estate also provides quality homes in the form of three-bedroom terrace house, sitting on a land space of 180-200 sqm.

“Ventilation is very key to us. Unlike other developers, we try not to use up all the space on the land. So, at least, if you have a 300sqm land, we only build on around 200 out of it and leave 100 for other essentials that would be on the land. That is what we mostly do,” the marketing manager explained

Atiku explained that a home owner in the estate becomes an automatic member of the Atican Beach exclusive club, with free access to the facilities at the beach at any time; this comes at no extra cost.