TONYE COLE: Are you there?


My lord sorry I am sending this late to you. When you emerged I was on forced hibernation with this column and as such I could not send my warm regards. Well done and congratulations on your emergence as the candidate representing your faction of the APC in Rivers State. But that said, I know you know that Wike is not a joke o. That baba has defeated your principal in every election since he emerged, he has overpowered and conquered PDP and does not suffer fools. Me, I fear him o, so it is not something that you will be carrying afro and butter looks to jump in o.

I think you should be very careful and strategise very powerfully with your mentor. This is a clear case of proxy war as the fight is really between them and not you. Then that Abe side of the matter complicating the whole thing just takes it to another level. My brother, can I ask you what brought you into politics? Please don’t tell me the usual long story of service and the like, what really brought you into politics because if you ask me, you were better off in your oil and gas field o. But whatever the case is, you are here and we have no other option but to support you and we will just shave the afro first. Welcome, my brother.